Monday, February 28, 2011

Outdoor Oasis Inspiration

Allow nature to inspire the desire to create and enjoy a beautiful outdoor space! On the patio,deck or by the pool, resin wicker furniture can give you an outdoor room or simple seat to enjoy the sea, sky and everything in between.
{Design Wagen}
{Design Wagen}
{Outdoor Moebel}
Upscale Furniture Resales has a variety of resin wicker furniture you can use to create your own beautiful outdoor space! (our resin wicker pieces are pictured below and not in the photos above)

Our beautiful resin wicker chair!
Our Price: $150

Resin wicker loveseat with white cushions
Our Price: $200

Resin wicker bench with white cushion
Our Price: $90

Resin wicker ottoman (new in box)!
Our Price: $90

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